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Chat, moderation, interactivity, and much more easily Integrated with Twitch and Discord!

Manage all your chats from one app

Open, interact with, moderate and do so much more for any channel you own or moderate for. You can even open multiple chats at once by ctrl+clicking them and be a super-moderator of doom!

Customize just about anything

You have the option to customize an abundance of different settings both within the app and on the website. Updating a setting anywhere will apply them on the client immediately so you could change those secret settings off screen.

Never miss a new follower again

Get all the notifications you could ever wish for in the app, like followers, subscriptions, bits and many more. Customize them to fit your style or ignore them completely, whichever serves you and your army of viewing minions best.

No more scrolling for days looking for that one message

DisStreamChat provides an easy to use searchbar that you can access through ctrl+f, not only does it allow you to search for that amazing cat gif you just missed, it also allows you to use tags to search for things like follows, links, usernames and plenty more.

Turn the app into an overlay that actually shows

Set key-binds of your choice to make the app turn between focused and unfocused mode. When unfocused the app becomes as transparent as you want and allows you to interact with anything behind it. It's basically an overlay that works live on your own screen. Perfect for single monitor streamers or multiple monitor streamers that still don't have enough screen space.

Integrate your super-secret exclusive discord chat channel

Set up the discord bot to listen to any channels you want and integrate any chat going on in those chats into your chat client. At least now you can see your moderators talking about your messed up audio right from your own chat.